• 9/18/2016; Sons, Fathers & Brothers; Rev. Mark Martin; 9:15svc
  • 9/11/2016; The Outcasts; Rev. Mark Martin; 9:15svc
  • 2016,09 04 Martin 915 for YouTube
  • 8/28/2016; Jubilee:  Celebrate...with Others! Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 8/21/2016; Jubilee:  Hard Times & Rejoicing; Rev John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 8/14/2016; Jubilee: See What God Has Done! Rev. Mark Martin; 9:15svc
  • 8/7/2016; Jubilee: The Intro; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 7/31/2016;
  • 7/24/2016; The Drummer; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 7/17/2016; Distractions; Rev. Mark Martin; 9:15svc
  • 7/10/2016; Crimson Thread: The Finale; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 7/3/2016; Crimson Thread: God's Word - Not in Isolation; Rev. Mark Martin, 9:15svc
  • 6/26/2016; Crimson Thread: Entry to the Kingdom; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 6/19/2016; Crimson Thread: Church; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 6/12/2016; Crimson Thread: Ultimate Rebellion…and Restoration; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 6/5/2016; Crimson Thread: Parables; Rev. Mark Martin; 9:15svc
  • 5/29/2016; Global Impact: Kenya Mission Team Summary; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 5/22/2016; Crimson Thread - Doing
  • 5/15/2016; Crimson Thread:  Poems, Passion, and the Incarnation; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 5/8/2016;
  • 5/1/2016; Crimson Thread: Ezra & Nehemiah- The Return; Rev. Mark Martin; 9:15svc
  • 4/24/2016;
  • 4/17/2016; Crimson Thread: Kings and Prophets; Rev. John Dehne; 9:15svc
  • 4/10/2016; Crimson Thread: Falling Apart; Rev. John Dehne; 915svc

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We Love Our Community

We believe that Cape Girardeau is a vibrant, exciting place...and that God has ENORMOUS plans for this part of Southeast Missouri!

That is why we focus on being in our community...not isolated from it! We believe in living out our new identity in Christ by loving God, loving others, and making disciples wherever we are, whatever we are doing, and whomever we are with. Loving our community is part of our life as Jesus followers...

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This church feels warm and friendly. They are doing Gods work here in Cape and around the world. Love the people. Love the commitment to LGLOMD."

Meet Our Staff

Pastor John Lead Pastor
Pastor Mark Care Pastor
All of the people of St. Andrew are "staff" in the sense that they serve...with their whole lives. But, we also have our "official" staff who serve by leading and helping us all grow in what it means to live the LGLOMD life...

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