• Eat!

    We believe great food is...well...great.

    We use the best ingredients (healthy and often available as a gluten-free option) and serve them with a smile.
  • Drink

    Espresso. Coffee. Smoothie. Latte. Breve. Mocha.

    All are yummy...all are better when they are shared with friends.
  • Belong.

    True belonging...starts when we have a group of people we can share life with.

    But it can really only be experienced when we celebrate Christ's desire to share life with us!
  • Sunday Nights @ 6:30

    Sunday nights at 6:30, we try to understand what true community looks like.

    We think true community can only be found in Jesus
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About STĀ Cafe'

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  • About Us

    STĀ was started with the simple goal of providing a place for people to belong.
    Started in 2016, STĀ is both an internet cafe' AND a group of people who seek to love people and to expand the Kingdom of God.
    We are a multi-site location of St. Andrew - Cape.

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  • Engaging the World

    We are a group of crazy, passionate, Jesus followers!
    We are committed to God's Word...and to the summary of God's Word as given in the Lutheran Confessions.
    Yes, we are Lutheran. In fact, we are part of the Bible-teaching, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

    That means we can do more...because we are united together!
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  • Our Coffee

    We are excited to partner with Three Avocados Coffee.
    From St. Louis, this company provides more than coffee...they provide hope.

    Three Avocados provides clean water to those who need it. So...every cup served, every bag purchased, every sip enjoyed helps someone else! Read More
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